Spice VAS Africa Announces an Aggressive Expansion Plans for Africa

Spice VAS Africa has embarked on a regional expansion plan to reinforce its market-leadership position in the provision of mobile entertainment and infotainment services.

The company now has fully-fledged offices in Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana and Kenya, which is the African hub. Some of the products the company offers include Mobile Radio, Caller Ring back Tones (CRBT), Voice Chat, Voice subscriptions, Religious Portals, Collect Calls, and Interactive TV.

The company is in the meantime setting up operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Chad, Congo Republic and Gabon.

Commenting on the development, Spice VAS Africa Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Arun Nagar said:

“For the last two years we have managed to deploy over 15 Value Added Service Products across 6 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and now we have over 10 million active customers in Africa. We are aiming to be the number one provider of mobile entertainment and infotainment .” 

Spice VAS Africa currently pioneers in Voice and infotainment products and managed services with Caller Ring back Tones (CRBT) and Mobile Radio as its flagship offering. The company recently expanded its product offering to Data and Messaging, with an array services including its Master Content Provider program which is a tailor made managed service designed for Mobile operators and OEMs to manage their content portals.

The CEO said that the company is also in the process of expanding its product portfolio to offer 3G Value Added Services infotainment and m-utility services. Spice already has a range of local content, licensed from more than 500 artists in Africa and its expanding portfolio of international content.

The company, which is headquartered in Singapore, will soon be launching Spice mobile devices portfolio and its application store in Africa, which will be bundled with their collection of localized content and apps, with the objective of driving data users and usage.

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