Safaricom’s subscribers in Lower Kabete, Kileleshwa, Muthaiga, Lavington, Kilimani, Westlands and Kyuna will now access the Internet at 42Mbps following an upgrade of its 3G network in Nairobi. The mobile network operator has upgraded around 14 stations from 21Mbps to 42Mbps though even the 21Mbps is still not national.

Safaricom claim that these are the areas where its “core data users” reside hence the preferential treatment. I disagree but hey! who am I to be listened to. Safaricom’s further explanation on this is that “these sites have the right fibre network to support the backhaul.”

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore also indicated that he is in talks with the data team at Safaricom to see whether to scrap the “unlimited data” bundles since few users have been “misusing the service.” I bet you a million shillings on this, Safaricom will come back begging users with unlimited offering soon if they dare withdraw the bundle. The economy of this country cannot handle the expensive data bundles which Safaricom thinks it should offer.

However, Safaricom indicated that the modem prices for the 42Mbps connection will still retail at Ksh 10,000 just like the 21Mbps modems.

Safaricom has strong discrimination against the middle-class Kenyans. Advice to you, your ARPU will never increase when you limit the use of such a technology as the internet. Help make your subscribers earn more so that they can increase they spending on mobile services. ARPU will continue declining as long as you apply discriminatory business policies.

Ok Safaricom! Go ahead.