Higinio O.Ochoa is a 30-year-old Linux administrator from Galveston, Texas, USA. He was recently arrested by the FBI and charged with unauthorized access to a protected computer system.

Higinio is a member of the hacker group, Anonymous. He is reported to have hacked into several Web sites belonging to law enforcement organisations like the FBI. He dumped proof of his hackings on a website and used a Twitter account to direct enthusiasts to the web site.

But also on display on the website was a picture of a woman, her cleavage out towards the camera for all to see. There was also a sign beneath the image reading: “”PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u BiTch’s”.

The connecting bit is that CabinCr3w is an apparent name of an Anonymous offshoot which Higinio is suspected to belong to. The Twitter account linking people to the site was @AnonW0rmer.

The photograph, taken using an iPhone, had GPS location details of where it was taken leading the FBI to the location of Higinio. The information allegedly suggested that the lady showing the cleavage on Higinio’s website lived in Melbourne, Australia.

The police used the picture to connect the photo to a Facebook account and details of where Higinio’s girlfriend was. Apparently she was Australian.The police managed to match the pictures of her that Ochoa posted on Facebook to the cleavage image. It is unclear how the police was able to match the faceless photo with the ones on Facebook which has faces.