Vodacom Tanzania has announced that it will not charge its clients to receive calls while roaming in 9 African countries where it has partners. The countries where the waiver will apply are South Africa (Vodacom), Mozambique (Vodacom), Lesotho (Vodacom), DRC Congo (Vodacom), Ghana (Vodafone), Kenya (Safaricom), Rwanda (MTN), Uganda (MTN), Uganda (UTL) and Burundi (UCOM).

Previously Vodacom clients were charged to receive calls SMS and got huge data bills while roaming even in neighbouring countries. Some of the Vodacom Tanzania partners who will help in ensuring the affordability of roaming services are Vodacom Lesotho, Vodacom Mozambique, Vodacom South Africa, Vodacom DRC, Vodafone Ghana and Safaricom Kenya, MTN Rwanda, MTN Uganda, UTL Uganda, and UCOM Burundi networks.

The current Managing Director at Vodacom Tanzania, Rene Meza, was known for playing a huge role in making sure that Kenyan mobile phone services subscribers enjoyed cheaper calling rates. He was the immediate former CEO of Airtel Kenya. He is already changing the Tanzanian market.

Commenting on the new Africa roaming service, Rene Meza says,

“We know that people want to remain connected at an affordable rate whether they are at home or on holiday in South Africa or travelling for work in Ghana and that nobody likes the headache of worrying about roaming bills.

What we’re launching today is a solution to give our customers peace of mind when travelling.

Data roaming has been and still is an expensive affair for most operators and today we are so proud to reduce substantially together with voice and SMS our data roaming charges for our customers travelling in any of our African family.”

We just hope that Safaricom, Airtel Kenya, Oorange Kenya and yuMobile would also implement the same. Roaming charges are so prohibitive that a good majority of travellers would rather completely switch off or use VOIP, Email and social media to communicate while outside their resident countries.


Vodacom subscribers both post-paid and pre-paid will be able to receive Free incoming calls, make calls and surf on the internet at affordable rates while visiting in one of these African countries with listed networks.