With all the claims of financial problems, Orange Kenya is trying to re-assure its clients that it still got game through the launch of new services. Orange Kenya has strength in data and whenever it had been encouraged to exploit it, the retort of its very ignorant top echelons has bee that “we need to have people to use voice and give them data as a value added service”. We hear such foolish retorts a lot but we just don’t know how to help them since they are so used to not making money.

The mobile solutions services provider today introduced Orange Business Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is a network solution that is fit for organisations with more than one business operation nationally or internationally.

Orange has one of the most expansive broadband infrastructure in Kenya including the submarine cable (TEAMS, EaSSy and the soon to be commissioned LION II) as well as wireless (GSM + CDMA) network across the country. The Irony is that Orange Kenya is going down as a failed business with liabilities bogging its operations now with the company just limping. The company is being run with people who can only run business in the land of the already converted like France but not in an emerging economy.

Orange’s Business Virtual Private Network offers a myriad of converged data services including: Managed Services, Secure Internet, Seamless International Connection and MPLS Connectivity through Mobile Networks.

With the service, Orange Kenya targets banks, education institutions, manufacturing companies and government parastatals that have multiple requirements. The service will assist organisations to enhance their performance and reduce their operational expenditure by assuring customers of business continuity, optimised security, better control systems as well as enhanced performance once deployed into an organisation or business.

With the VPN service, I doubt if Orange Kenya will make an impact. It is a limping giant wasted by its minders.