Samsung announced at the Samsung Africa Forum in Cape Town that it is collaborating with SES satellites to drive digital broadcasting via satellite in sub-Saharan Africa.

Samsung will introduce an innovative LED television with an in-built free-to-air satellite receiver, the Samsung LED TV Free Satellite. The LED TV will be distributed in Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon from August 2012.

The in-built satellite receiver will enable consumers to receive 30 French and 30 English free-to-air television channels without the need for an additional equipment apart from the usual Ku-Band dish. Before the launch, Samsung and SES satellite have promised to jointly arrange training sessions of distribution partners and installers to ensure the proper connection of the TV device to the satellite dish. Samsung and SES will also share the cost of the marketing campaign from June 2012.

SES satellites is a leader in free-to-air content. It currently delivers more than 60 free-to-air channels in more than 40 African countries.