Kony 2012 is not even one week old in the internet. The video was unlashed some 6 days ago and has now been viewed more than 115 million times. The video has beat others by Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and others to be the world’s most viral video of all time. There has been mixed reactions about the producers and NGO behind the video but that is besides the point.

Going through some statistics of the video by video metrics firm Visible Measures, you realise that Kony 2012 has been a phenomenon. A release from Visible measures reads in part:

As of this morning, the Kony campaign has generated well over 100 million views, 112 million to be exact. The views come from over 750 clips across the web, most coming from video responses to the campaign. There are even translated and subtitled versions of the documentary popping up in Spanish, Italian, French, and Chinese. There are over 860,000 comments for the campaign.

The goal of the campaigners was to raise awareness of what Kony has been doing in Uganda. It is hard to argue if this has been achieved going by the available stats. We just hope that with the response, we will highlight whatever happens all over because Kony might have just been resurrected by this video.

He was already irrelevant. We need to highlight Dafur and other areas like we did Kony 2012