A Kenyan was yesterday arrested for insulting a politician on Facebook. David Ndung’u, a photographer, was arrested in Kikuyu town after eluding law authorities for several weeks according to The Star newspaper.

It is alleged that David Ndung’u insulted his area MP, Lewiis Nguyai, on Facebook through a status post which reads,

“Cal him Nguyai… nawa dais HE is called… NGUI INO… coz he is useless as a dog is… don’t apologize 4 telling the truth… tell him 2 go 2 hell 4 we are ….”

‘Ngui Ino’ is a Kikuyu translation for that dog. The Kikuyu MP allegedly printed the status post and presented it to the police complaining. The MP has no formerly recorded a statement with the police and so David is yet to be charged. It is so funny that the Lari Divisional Police Commander, Joshua Opiyo, is reported as having said that they are holding the suspect while “waiting for direction from the MP.”

You would wonder if police is nowadays directed by politicians. David might be released if MP Lewis Nguyai does not lodge a formal complaint with the police within 24 hours. There is a thin line between “hate speech” and freedom of speech. It will be so interesting to see the direction the case takes.