#MWC12: LG Launches a Giant Optimus Vu Smartphone

LG has today unveiled the LG Optimus Vu smartphone. The 5″ smartphone is going to give Samsung Galaxy Note a run in the market considering the features of the Optimus Vu. The Vu utilizes a 4:3 aspect ration compared to the 16:9 ratio common in most handsets.

The Optimus Vu has a capacitive pen ( meaning no pressure sensitivity) and weighs 168 grams. THe Vu runs on an Android 2.3 and now the ICS as expected. The Vu packs a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm MSM8660 Snapdragon processor, an XGA screen, and an 8 megapixel camera. LG promises the Optimus Vu will get an Ice Cream sandwich upgrade by July. The Optimus Vu is already shipping in Korea but might how in other markets by Q3 of this year.

Written by Robert

Robert Alai is a respected Kenyan blogger, technical evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle or Facebook page. he is the founder of KahawaTungu.

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