Orange Kenya has today launched Orange Angukia bonus programme which is a loyalty programme targeted at different subscribers. The Orange Angukia is a bonus scheme where Orange mobile and wireless clients qualification for bonuses is “triggered” by events like the total traffic in minutes spent on calls, the number of local on-net and off-net as well as international SMSs sent, data spend, top ups of one’s account and subscription to offers.

Meanwhile, instead of trying to effectively use their strength on data front, Orange Kenya is begging CCK to step in and rescue them from the misery. The company wants CCK to immediately raise mobile termination rates to Ksh 4.42. Orange Kenya CEO believes that the Kenyan government has not been good at protecting investors like Telkom Kenya.

I really pity Orange but I just don’t believe that they understand the market well enough. This might be the biggest mistake the government of Kenya ever made. These people just don’t know business. Please close shop fast.

Orange Kenya should just raise their call rates and not wait for CCK to raise the MTRs. Why can’t Orange just charge Ksh 30 per minute, per call? They are not brave enough. I really believe that we have other ways of addressing the issue of the telcos not able to make money apart from one. With even the MTRs at 4.42 and even above that, Orange could not make money.

This is a very stupid excuse Mike. Look for me I tell you which other ways you can use to make money.