A Bangladesh based hacker group has claimed that it has hacked nearly 20,000 Indian websites including that of Border Security Force {BSF}. The group claim that Indian hackers hacked 400 Bangladesh sites and they have retaliated by hacking 20,000 Indian websites.

The group called “Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers”, on its Facebook page writes, “India (hackers) hacked our 400 sites (May be less) in total, We hacked 20,000 (100/200 may be less) sites in total since the war started.”

The group released a list of Indian websites they have hacked hereĀ http://pastebin.com/VCxdSTJh

Bangladesh Black HAT HackersĀ group claimed that it completely destroyed the BSF website after the hack.

Apart from the HAT Hackers group, two other Bangladeshi hacker groups –Expire Cyber Army and Bangladesh Cyber Army — have also declared war with Indian hacking groups including Cyber Army and Indishell. The Bangladesh Cyber Army issued the video message below to the Indian government.

Another video message to Indian Hackers was posted by the Black HAT hackers;

The Bangladesh Cyber Army also said,

“If these points are not accepted, our next attacks will be much bigger. You might think we are done. But this is just the beginning. Our next target will be Indian Financial System, Communication System, IT Sector and Stock Exchange, and we promise these sites will be destroyed.”

The Black HAT has said that their action was in response to the killings by the BSF personnel in the Indo-Bangladesh border.

“We don’t have any personal issues with Indians. But the brutality of BSF as well as Indian government has forced us to do this,” One hacker belonging to the Black Hat posted in its Facebook fan page.

Many Bangladesh based hacker group are reputedly getting support from many foreign hackers to deface Indian websites. They have urged the Indian government to stop killing “innocent Bangladeshis” along its border.

Most of the Bangladeshi hacker groups are reportedly being assisted by hackers from Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates. Hackers from China and Sri Lanka are also believed to be assisting the Bangladesh hackers.