Zing App

You might have thought that we already have enough IM apps for our cellphones, a South African company thinks differently. Blazingchilli, a provider and developer of mobile supporting platforms, has just launched an instant messaging (IM) app called Zing that will work on Java basic and advanced (feature phones), Android, Windows, iOS and BlackBerry platforms.

Zing seems to have married both WhatsApp (works only on smartphones) and MXit (works only on feature phones) functionalities to have an app which works on almost all phones available out there. The Zing app goes further to allow both individual and group chats. The app even allow SMS alert for those who are on a chat group but could not be reached through their IM chat. The instant messages are free except for the data charges by your providers.

The app creators looks to change the whole IM chat lingo through this app. The app allows users to create or join Zones (information channels). The Zones serves different interest groups like sports fans, news hounds or just virtual loungers. Through the Zones, Zone creators and Zone readers can both enjoy chatting with their interest groups.

Speaking about the app, Brett Loubser, the mobile strategy director at BlazingChilli said;

 “It’s mobile messaging on steroids. We’re calling it mobile group messaging, because it does more.” 

ZiNG also has more functionalities for brands like surveys and polls, rich media applications, bi-directional communications and ability to choose between private and public Zones. Users who participate in polls an surveys will be rewarded with points which they can later use to redeem for a number of things, including airtime. This I guess will need some partnerships between ZiNG and various operators.

Brand will also be able to send messages to an unlimited group. This means that firms can use the app to target various interest group, massive number of users or just create a group whose membership is just the staff.

ZiNG will be launched in around 15 African this week.