Hooray!! My prediction just came to happen. I was at CIO100 award ceremony at Safaricom late 2011. At one of the panel discussions / pitching event, Green Bell Communications was presenting their work and one of the sites they really bragged that they did well was Toyota Kenya website. The moderator was a Ugandan who did not want contrary opinion but I still rose up and told the lady that too much use of flash on the website makes her think that the website is really revolutionary.

I told her there and then that “the work was shoddy and a just a great attraction for hackers”. She mumbled all manner of things and said that Toyota Kenya was happy and so my view does not matter. Mr Wainaina of Royal Media echoed my sentiments and told her that the work leaves alot to be desired. She still did not see our view as important.

Today, the website has been hacked by X-Line. I just have to laugh my ass off as I do this G4S blog post.