A 100-year-old granny from Scotland believes that her Nintendo DS is keeping her brain in good working order. She even says that she is starting to loose her memory but whenever she consistently use the gaming console, she regains her memory and becomes more alert.

On a video posted on YouTube, Kathleen Connell jokingly quips that she doesn’t feel anywhere over 80. She describes the console as “great” and “absolutely super.”

Kathleen is constantly using the device, pausing once in a while to make herself some tea. She says that she retires to bed at around 10pm when her brain get a bit tired.

Kathleen tried the popular Brain Trainer game and “scored just 64”. That is impressive for those who know her age but she is not happy with her score. She also enjoys playing Scrabble, My Word Coach, Art Academy and Family Fortunes.

Kathleen’s confession confirms the claim by University of California researchers that there is a connection between activities that stimulate the brain and diseases marked by dementia and memory loss. Of course we will not assume that handheld and mind games only will keep diseases away.

Kathleen  told the Daily Telegraph in a video interview;

“I can’t speak highly enough of this Nintendo. It’s helped to keep my brain as active as possible in my old age.”