On Thursdaylast week, Twitter announced that it plans to censor tweets as per demands in certain countries. The community on Twitter is not asleep. So on Friday, guys had started sharing how to bypass the Twitter censorship. And even without the help from the online community, Twitter’s own Help Center actually reveals how you can bypass the censorship.

How it all works.

The tweets are going to be blocked on a country-by-country basis. First Twitter will have to identify the country from which you’re accessing the tweets. Twitter will be using your IP address meaning that there are ways that the country can really be masked or just wrongly identified.

Twitter’s Help Center gives you tips on how you can change your country setting if you believe that Twitter has wrongly identified your location. Go to your “Account Settings” and scroll down to “Country” drop-down menu. You can then select which country you are in or is accessing Twitter from. Your selection here overrides the IP detection system.

This is great since you will be able to use this to chose a country in which tweets are not censored. It is that simple.

So if you now see a tweet which is blacked out similar to the example above, you know what you will have to do in order to find out what it says.

Make sure that you change the country listed in your “Country” setting and not your “Profile Location.” Also avoid changing your country to “Worldwide” since it seems Twitter is automatically using your IP to detect your location. Change to a country where tweets are not censored.