Some of us cannot do without Wikipedia. It is a great source of information. But now,  the great repository of general knowledge is participating in the SOPA/PIPA protest. This means that you cannot access the English pages of the site in your usual manner. There are ways to go round this though.

The mobile version of the site has not been blacked out as the SOPA and PIPA protests continue.

To access Wikipedia page today;

  1. Just disable JavaScript in your browser. This means that the block page won’t load as it happens after full site load.
  2. You can just let Java run but make sure that you press “Escape” on your keyboard as you load Wikipedia.Alternatively, keep Javascript running and just press the Escape key on your keyboard as a Wikipedia page loads.
  3. Use this bookmarklet as it will unblock any Wikipedia page.
  4. Or you can go to from your mobile phone and access the site
How to disable Java Script;


  • Click on the Spanner icon on the top right
  • Go to Options
  • Click on Under the hood
  • Then go to Content settings
  • Under JavaScript category just select Do not allow any site to run JavaScript


  • Go to Preferences
  • Click Content
  • Then Just Uncheck Enable JavaScript


  • Go to Preferences
  • Click on Security
  • Go to Web Content and then uncheck Enable JavaScript