Google Launches “Getting Ghanaian Businesses Online” as it Fights Accusations of Fraud

Google is fighting accusations by Mocality that it has been using deception to get businesses to list on its KBO website. It is not clear if the same schemes are being used in Uganda and Nigeria but they are not surprising. if you have seen the listings on Google Trader, you would know that Google must have been involved in these schemes. The same scheme Google used to try to win communities to Google Baraza and it failed because the platform is not even popular as the intentions were not clear.

Google is ignoring the accusations and has just launched an initiative to get Ghanian businesses online. The scheme targets to get SMEs to tap into the online marketplace and realise the potential of the virtual community. On the site, Google provides a “free and easy to use tool which SMEs can build a website, get listed on Google Maps and your site analytics”.

The launch partners in Ghana include Zenith Bank GhanaGhana Tourism AuthorityBusyInternetVodafone and IPMC.


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