A group which has been calling itself the NaijaCyberHactivists have hacked and defaced the website of Nigeria’s Ministry of Transport. The group have posted message on the defaced site saying that they will continue to inflict damage on the government assets online until when the demand of the Nigerian people would have been met.

A message posted by the hackers on the website partly reads;

Greetings Nigerian Government, 

We are NaijaCyberHactivists. 

The fetid empire of corruption and consumption that you have created is stifling the lives of hard working Nigerians. 
You have sabotaged this country into a monolithic tyranny, yet in doing so made the ties that bind its people brittle. 
You shattered this country, liquidating it piecemeal for your own selfish interests. 

The group draw inspiration from the Anonymous hackers and have previously hacked Nigerian government websites including the website of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) which is the government body fighting crimes like Advance Fee fraud (419).