TCRA: Tanzania Has 5 Million Internet Users and 19 Million Mobile Phone Subscribers


In the report, TCRA puts the number of mobile phone subscribers in Tanzania at 19Million.

Mobile wireless is leading by 45 per cent, followed by fixed wireless. The Internet usage is now becoming a popular means of communication option next to voice telephone for many people in Tanzania,” reads part of the report.

According to  TCRA , Tanzania has;

  • 2,206,480 mobile wireless internet users,
  • 1,514,580 users of fixed wireless
  • 471,524 users of VSAT,
  • 388,176 users of other broadband
  • 269,536 cable internet users

The TCRA report also indicates that out of 68 application services licencees only 46 (67%) were found operating, 20 of them (30%) could not be traced while 2-3% were not operating. Of the 46 operational, 38 (83%)  are ISPs while the rest provide services like voice network design, data (SMS and MMS), web hosting and web design.


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