Nigeria based tech blogger, Loy Okezie, has just revealed that Nigeria’s web solutions developers, WebSoft, have unveiled a new Android powered tablet called Vantium V1. This brings to 3 the number of tablets coming from Nigeria which we can tell and around 5, the number of total tablets designed in Africa.

When Africans cannot get tablets cheaply from USA, Europe and far East, we will make out own tablets and suit them to our environment. China is helping to this end by providing components like those that have made VMK, Encypher, Kaboo and Ovim popular. trying to get the iPad, Galaxy, TouchPad or Mecer’s Slate tablet in other African markets is simply beyond the reach of those who really need the tablet. The tablets are always never launched in Africa until almost one year later when they have been overtaken by other better devices being launched at CES or GSMA World.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe castigated those who thinks that for Africans to produce tablets which solve their local problems then they must re-invent the wheel. Ndubuisi argued that even the iPads and Galaxy tablets have components made elsewhere which they have just to borrow, tweak and personalise to make their own unique gadgets.

Unlike the Kaboo, VMK’s Kongo, Encypher and Ovim, the vantium is a 9.7″ display tablet making it the size of the iPad. The 1024×768 pixel widescreen screen is capacitive multi-touch screen. The Vantium V1 comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM with expandable memory slot.

Available from the same guys is a power capsule which charges your mobile devices through USB slots while you are away from the mains. You can check on the Vantium Power Capsule here.

The device will go on sale in Nigeria from 15th January 2012 but is now available for pre-order.