Safaricom has now started selling the rumoured Vodafone 555 aka Facebook phone. The device is available at all Safaricom retail outlets for Ksh 6,999. Though I thought I might never need a Facebook dedicated phone, this phone almost makes me change my mind. The phone is an Alcatel brand exclusive to Vodafone and its affiliates.

The phone does not have 3G which I find a plus and not a minus because with 3G, I would turn into a Facebook zombie with this phone. The phone will prompt you to login to your Facebook account the moment you switch on the phone for the first time. All key features like messages and phonebook have dedicated sections where all Facebook phonebook numbers or messages are listed.

The battery is great. I used the phone in the village for 3 days while my HTC Sensation could not manage even a day with full battery charge. This is possible as what drains batteries most is 3G data connection which is not available on this phone.

It is only 12mm thick and light making the Vodafone 555 Blue fit easily into teenage pockets. It is built for a lower end of the market but this phone has smooth feel and great design. It is targeted at the 16 – 25 year olds.

The phone comes with 40MB internal memory which is expandable to 16GB through the microSD slot.

This is not a phone meant for the app lovers. This is a phone for the Facebook share addicts.