He was formerly the CEO of Safaricom and later the Chairman of Kenya Tourist Board before being hired by World Bank to drive the implementation of mobile payment in emerging economies. Joseph has recently been appointed the director of mobile payments at Vodafone.

Joseph is now charged with driving M-Pesa adoption in India as well as Vodafone markets in Africa like Ghana, Egypt and Mozambique.

M-Pesa’s largest clientele is in Kenya where there are over 15 million users and around 34,600 agents. Tanzania has 2 million M-Pesa users with South Africa and Afghanistan lagging behind in adoption. Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, recently said that M-Pesa witnessed as much as 250 transactions per second in Kenya during Christmas, up from just 70 transactions in December 2010.

Safaricom reported that M-Pesa users transferred around $8 Billion between themselves in 2010 earning Vodafone $15.6 Million in license fees in the same year. M-Pesa now transfers more money in Kenya than Western Union transfers globally.