Could you do Twitter via postal mail, Facebook via faxt and or YouTube via SMS? Those are some of the questions posed by  Giles Turnbull on Twitter. Giles then went ahead and sent tweets via snail mail.

In an article on The Morning News, Giles gave reasons why he decided to try the project called “Twitter-by-post”:

Tweeting by post made me appreciate the online and the offline. Brevity is a good thing, but there’s no reason we should only be brief on Twitter. The internet is a marvelous thing, but so is cheese, so are close friends who know your opinions and respect them, so is a glass of fine English ale. So is getting postcards from interesting people, because it makes your letterbox come alive.

Turnbull got the postal addresses of some of his tweeps and decided to send them mail. He further writes:

For those “public” tweets, I wrote the same thing out 15 times, on 15 cards, and sent them to 15 different people. This took every moment as long as you might think; possibly a little longer.

My wonderful collaborators were asked to do more than simply receive my ramblings through their letterboxes. I also asked them to reply with cards of their own.

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