Mobile Number Portability (MNP) was such a great thing Kenyans expected to stop their over dependence on networks which don’t serve their connectivity needs since they feared losing their popular lines. It never solved much. We hear that Porting Access Kenya is going to complain to the new Chief Justice over abuse of court process as the porting case has been left hanging without any dates or specific gag order.

“The blanket order is really bad for the industry”, a source in the industry intimates.

Now according to Pakistan Today, Pakistan has banned Mobile Number Portability because of terrorism fears. In the country, you also have to register your SIM cards. Number Portability is not good for security needs because the moment you switch networks, it is very hard to link lines (owners) with previous SMSes and call logs.

Technically because you are not with a network. So if you commit an offence in Pakistan with your mobile phone, you can be prosecuted under the 1997 Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA). You will have all your voice calls, SMS, MMS and emails monitored 24/7. There are also lists of words that are banned from wireless networks.