We told you guys about borderlinx in April. It was a great service where you could register and get a UK and US address. The borderlinx guys would handle the product shopped from the two countries till delivery to the owner. Before buying anything, borderlinx helped the buyer calculate the shipment and tax on the goods which was great.

We have an email from borderlinx which shows that the service is no more.

The service has sent out an email to Kenyan users which reads in part;

After several months of investigation and attempting to reduce the incidence of fraud, we have found ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to cease providing cross-border delivery services to Kenya with immediate effect.  We have considered a number of options to avoid this action, but the incidence and risk of fraud for Kenyan transactions is too great for our business to absorb. Regrettably, we will be closing the accounts of all Kenya customers. “

DHL stopped the former arrangement with borderlinx where DHL used to market the services under the name Easy Shop Kenya. You could also get the borderlinx services from any any DHL shop in Kenya. This is no more as DHL customer care personnel will give I have tried to get more info from DHL on why they ceased their arrangement with borderlinx but we are yet to get a reply.

Borderlinx is also not giving other info on this. Some users claim that it is borderlinx which tried to defraud them. They claim that borderlinx has been inflating the shipping and taxation paid to the authorities.  Some of the comments on this article we did way back in April will give you a perspective of the problem the users might have been having with borderlinx. Some clients have had nasty experience with borderlinx as shown here.

We are waiting for a word from both borderlinx and DHL. We will update when we get some.