Google is set to launch a Nigerian YouTube version today. Nigeria will become the eighth country after Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Uganda, Algeria and Tunisia to get their own version of YouTube with localised look and content. Officially, Google has only announced the launch of Youtube in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa

It is not clear what Google will do after the launch of the localised YouTube sites but it has not made a difference to me. When I visit the Kenyan YouTube link, I get the same content listed as popular as when I visit South African, Nigerian and any other.

The only plus for the new YouTube with respective country extensions is just the look and the addition of the country link down there means that I can now see which are the trending, most popular or most viewed videos from a country or region.

I expect the localisation to go deep and have an African link or the ability for a user to add countries which he/she wants to aggregate. It is being done on Facebook and internally on Twitter. I would also love to aggregate videos uploaded from Kenya or on Kenyan channels vs those viewed by Kenyans no matter what channel or location they were uploaded from.

The current localisation of YouTube is just too basic.