The US White House has begun releasing the codes of to other governments. Through the as the open data platform is called, the US government want to see to it that other governments intending to open up their data do not struggle with complicated development of the sites and apps. The White House plans to open source platform fully by early next year.

On Wednesday last week, developer and General Services Administration software architect Chris Musialek  posted some early test code to open source development site Github. The test code seems to be DB management system and Web app.

The US government announced in September that it would open source its Data.Gov as part of a multilateral government transparency effort including other countries. will be co-developed by the United States and the government of India.  US and Indian technical teams have been working on the project since August. The Obama administration also pledged $1 million to sharing open government best practices between the countries.

The Kenyan government launched its open data portal with the help of WorldBank while also in East Africa, the Tanzanian government recently ratified the open government protocol.