Opera software has today released Opera 11.60. This is the latest update for the company’s desktop web browser. You can now grab a copy of the new Opera browser through Opera downloads page . Opera promises that you will see faster performance on secure pages and less memory usage in the new version of the browser.

Opera had previously planned to release an Opera 12 as its next version after 11.50 but it later decided to add the interim 11.60 to get out few of the finished features out to users while it works out more advanced features for Opera 12.

Opera 11.60 also promises to be faster in startup and shutdown than its other predecessors.  There is also a new HTML5 parsing engine which also makes it easier for developers to handle incorrect code.

The Opera built-in e-mail client also gets a slight makeover in the new Opera 11.60. Upgrading to the new Opera 11.60 will make it impossible for you to downgrade to the previous version of the built-in email client.