MIH calls it Dealify in South Africa and Mocality Deals in Kenya. The company is reported to have shut down the group buying service in SA. Dealify launched almost the same time Mocality Deals was going LIVE in Kenya. Mocality is believed to have not picked up well more to do with strategy than economic factors.

“MIH has decided shut down Dealify, that I can confirm,”  MIH CEO of Platforms Stephen Newton told Memeburn.

Currently there is no available deal on Dealify with the last deal which was a 60% saving on 36Boutiques’ online shopping vouchers sold out. Dealify is showing that 89 coupons were bought on thee last deal.

The same could be replicating itself in SA but it has more to do with the overall economic situation than strategy. It is not clear if Mocality Deals will also be affected but many of the Kenyan tech pundits believe that between Mocality, Mocality Deals and Dealfish, survival might just be short-lived just because of their strategy for the market.

MIH internet recently shut down Kalahari Kenya and Nigeria while they also have strong challenges in running their operations with the recent notice of resignation by Regional Manager, Moses Kemibaro, being a case in point. Moses is reported to have disagreed with top MIH managers on their East and Central regional strategy.

The same group (Naspers) has also recently launched its News24 service in Kenya.