Africa seems to be getting all the right attention from the ICT infrastructure developers. Another undersea fiber-optic cable is set to connect Africa with South America, North America and Europe. The WASACE cable will be one of the few cable systems to use the next-generation “100G” technology bringing in ten times the capacity of the previous systems.

The cable is to be funded by a consortium including the international private equity firm VIP Must, the African Development Bank and a host of Brazilian and other investors.

The project lead is WASACE Cable Company Worldwide Holding, a multinational development company represented by CEO Ramon Gil-Roldan of Spain. Project development will be managed by the David Ross Group, represented by CEO David Ross of the US.

The project will be divided into four sections: WASACE North connecting Europe to North America, WASACE South connecting South America to Africa, WASACE America connecting South America to North America, and WASACE Africa connecting Nigeria, Angola, and South Africa.