NMB CEO, Mark Wiessing (L) and DAWASCO CEO Jackson Midala celebrating joyfully, while guest of honour TRA Commissioner General Harry Kitily and DSTV representative, Ronald Shellukindo looks on

Tanzania leading retail bank, NMB Bank , launched a mobile-phone bill payment service enabling clients to settle tax obligations and pay for utility receipts. This means that over 550,000 NMB bank customers will be able to use their mobile phones on Tigo, Vodacom, Airtel and Zantel networks to access their bank accounts and settle their bills without visiting the bank.

At the launch NMB partnered with TRA and utility service providers like DStv and DAWASCO bills. Tanzanians will be able to pay their property tax and personal tax through the service.

NMB is the leading Tanzanian retail bank with over 140 branches and 1.6 million banking clients and close to 450 ATMs spread countrywide.

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