Kenyan Startup Delivers to You the Full Newspaper in Digital Format

I have been seeing this advert about the Standard newspaper being available on digital format online. I decided to test what the offerings was and I must say I have been impressed.

The brains behind Flip Experts is Innocent Ouma who is a Kenyan who came back to the country early this year after a stint abroad. While away, Innocent always wanted to stay abreast with what was happening at hope and it had not been easy. Daily Nation tried to come online through the Newsstand platform but according to an insider at Nation’s digital department, the digital edition did not even manage to attract more than 40 subscriptions.

Flip Experts is looking to change that and so since November 1st, they have been able to have the Standard newspaper, County edition magazine and Kenya year book all online. The first month, November, has been offered free to subscribers so all will be expected to pay come December 1st.

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