It is being reported that YouTube is rolling out a new refreshed look as from Monday 14th November. It is very hard to verify this but Google has a select group of testers which always has a first view of products it is developing. The refreshed look seems to be designed to integrate Google+ with YouTube with more focus on letting users discover first what their circles share.

Some of the changes you should expect in the refreshed YouTube are;

  • Further integration of YouTube with Google+ with you discovering more of what your Google+ Circles have shared on YouTube. YouTube believe that you might just like what your friends share before anything else.
  • Left column to let you discover what you subscribe to, featured videos and recommended categories.
  • Single column view for homepage view
  • Ability to shrink videos or make them fullscreen
  • Updated Favicon
It is not clear when the changes will be public. Google is struggling to get a footing on social media through not making much impact.