I am one fortunate guy. Fortunate in the sense that I can wake up in the morning, sit on my desk wearing nothing but these sexy briefs and just jot opinions then earn money from it. In the most cool terms they call me a blogger. I am not sure if I should be branding myself a blogger because my whole village in K’Obong’o, Onjiko Location, Kisumu county believes that I don’t have a job. They don’t know what a blogger does so in short I just tell them that I still do IT like they knew me before.

I this whole blogging thing I have learnt to appreciate and lauds myself more than anyone else. Those who have a problem with that can just shag some tree. I don’t listen to talks on blogging locally because none of the local bloggers inspires me. You don’t inspire me as long as you have to maintain a side job to keep your blogging career going. It is just like looking for an inspiration from someone who claims to have great ideas in farming but his farming skills has never made him food sufficient nor earned him an income. I am not that lost.

To inspire me as a blogger you need to have consistency and maintain a tempo which earns you a living. Your blogging needs to feed you and you need to feed others with your blogging alone. You don’t need some crutches to survive on your blogging career then think that I might be inspired by the coolness of the crutches or career wheelchairs. I won’t be inspired nor will I waste my two days to come and listen to someone who adds no value to my life. There are generations such people can inspire but a serious blogger who is determined to earn money from blogging will never be inspired by bloggers whose blogging career are on wheelchairs or crutches.

You should know that you are making great impact when everytime people meet, they have to talk or refer to you more than 65% of the time to stay relevant. That is impact. As a blogger, I am in the league of writers or journalist and it is just that I am doing it at the citizen or community level. Philip Ochieng’ advised me on one instance that you should know that you are a great writer / journalist / blogger when every time you put words down, the reactions breaks the roof. Don’t care whether they are positive or not but reactions should inspire you.

Another quote I recently shared online is that there is a very thin line between hate and love. “Those who don’t want to see you happy, see you as a threat. Take hate as a compliment”. This quote has made me love those who never follows me on twitter or Facebook but knows much more about what I share and how I carry myself online than even myself. Their egos can’t let them follow me but in their secret life, they wank at my images, posts and sharings.

Back to those want to inspire you. Why would someone whose best post which earned him the best traffic on his blog is in 2009 or early 2010 want to inspire me? Why should I look for inspiration in a person whose blogging career cant be valued as sustainable even to a Jua Kali hawker selling odia (those stones pregnant women eat) ?

To be a great blogger;

  • Value your blogging career
  • Create content which you are passionate about.
  • Don’t look for passion in the readers because chances are that there are millions who love what you love.

Readers can look for content they are passionate about. You will get lots of feelers from corporates which want to partner or contain you in your blogging. I always tell the corporates I deal with that they should really get scared of me the moment they start getting only praise, love and worship from me. I will inform them when they do wrong and if they cant change then public rebuke would be very much in order. I lick no foot, sole, ass or toe of anyone.

So before you can think of inspiring me to be a great blogger, inspire yourself to be able to have your blogging prowess sustain you or you must Phd in understanding blogs. I listen to no advice from idlers whose only plus point comes from the fact that they have friends who have been babysitting them by offering them contracts, paid speaking opportunities and donations.