Liberia’s leading converged telecoms company, Lonestar Cell MTN, last week welcomed the landing of the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine fiber optic cable in Liberia. This is the first sub-marine cable landing in Liberia with the SAT-3/WASC having bypassed the country since when it was being deployed, Liberia was deep into civil war.

The Cable Consortium of Liberia (CCL) was formed in 2010 to control and own ACE cable system through a public-private partnership. Stakeholders in the ACE cable system project include the Government of Liberia (60%), Libtelco (20%), Lonestar Cell (10%), and Cellcom (10%).

ACE cable landed in Liberia on Thursday, November 3 aboard a French Vessel ILE De Sein – the Alcatel Lucent. It will not become operational until the entire ACE system is completed by aroundQ2 2012. Once completed, maintenance of the .lr top-level domain for Liberia, currently maintained in the United States, is expected to be relocated to Liberia.