The South African online news portal, News24, has today launched a Kenyan dedicated site. The Kenyan dedicated site located at will feature, Sci/tech, sports, business and political news from Kenya.

News24 is part of media 24 which is owned by South Africa’s Naspers group. The group recently closed down Kalahari Kenya and Nigeria. All has not been rosy for the South African owned entities in Kenya with the entities always running into one trouble or the other.

There is a gap on online news in Kenya. Currently it is only Nation Media Group which has at-least what might be called working news sites with Standard and The Star all struggling there. News24 might give Nation great competition though it might not be that easy for Kenyans to identify with the contents on the site.

News24 is the third most popular South African site after BidorBuy and Gumtree respectively, according to News24 has other sister content sites like;

  • Ancestry24
  • Careers24
  • Food24
  • GoTravel24
  • Health24
  • Property24
  • Wheels24
  • Women24
  • Parent24
The news site has other related sites in Afrikaans like Nuus24 and Sake24.