CCK recently released its QoS assesment report for the period 2010. According to the report Telkom Kenya (Orange) managed to achieve targets only in 4 out of 8 key performance indicators (KPI). Orange is not taking the assertions kindly. The firms CEO, Mikhael Ghossein, has disputed the figures from CCK revealing that Orange’s in-house assessment has found the contrary.

Orange is querying the “scope and methodology on which the report is based, with a view to coorelating it to our own and independent evaluation of our network based on the same parameters”.

Orange is surprised at the reports finding considering that it is in 2011 that Orange tested and launched its 3G network.

CCK QoS Measurement Configuration;

Orange’s in – house assessment of its network conducted between 9th and 29th June 2011 results of which are contained below:

Q0S parameter CCK Targets Orange performance
Call Completetion rate 90% 96.8%
Call set up success rate 90% 98%
Drop Call rate 2% 1.15%
Block rate 10% 2%
Speech quality 95% of sample >2.7 95% of samples >3.1
Handover success rate 85% 99.4%
Call set up time (in sec) <13.5 secs <4.7 secs
Rx. Signal Level Outdoor – 102 dBM -72dBM

It its however very funny that Orange is questioning the scope and methodology but the most skewed of assessment  in the quarterly report was not questioned by the same.

All other networks scored above the set targets in 6 out of 8 key performance indicators as indicated below;

CCK is mandated by law to charge networks which continues to perform below the set targets Ksh 500,000. Read the full report here