#KenyaAtWar : Somali Diaspora Community Either Condone Terrorism or Are Just Sitting Pretty

Kenya is at War! The country 5 days ago launched attack against targets in Somalia in a bid to drive back the Al-Shabaab militant group. The war has received support marginal from Kenyans everywhere, which is encouraging considering that not much of what the Kenyan  government has done recently received so much support. Missing from the whole scenario is the voice of the Somali community in Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania and elsewhere.

The community is not making as much noise against Al-Shabaab activities as would be expected. This is in stark contrast to when Kenya indicated that it might launch attack against targets in Somalia early 2011. The community came out in large numbers to condemn the intention terming it dangerous and all sorts of names. Press conferences were called almost everyday to condemn the intention of the Kenyan government.

In the whole fight against the likes Al-Shabaab and the Islamic Court among others, not much noise has been heard from the Somali communities condemning these terror acts. I am talking about Kenyan Somalis and Somalia Somalis. Why haven’t we seen even uprising against the militants? I believe that because the community benefits alot from the chaos in Somalia. There are unregulated businesses like Telecomms, Banks, House Hold trade and even terrorism related businesses like piracy which the community based in Kenya is really benefiting from.

Al-Shabaab have recently banned women wearing bra, beheaded a Christian workers, banned the watching of football, banned the teaching of geography, banned the use of prayer beads, banned foreign aid and even the sale of something like samosa. You can google and see all kinds of stuff these fools have banned. It makes you wonder if its is on Somalis in Somalia who are alive. Many Somalis are in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and even Eritrea. You can even find the community in South Africa, UK, USA and Dubai. Why are they loudly silent about the terror being committed in their country? I strongly believe that either they benefit from the chaos or they just don’t see the need to make noise against the terror being committed.

For the war on terror to be complete, I believe that Somalis everywhere must come out and make as much noise as possible against the terror and terrorists. We know that pirates have channeled their loot through the countries big Somali communities exists and increased their wealth but it is time the community realised that you can only benefit from criminal activities for so long. You must know that loot from criminal activities don’t last long. At one point, it will be confisticated so all honest Somalis must demand the rule of law and justice. Very few are doing it now.

If the Somali communities outside Somalia were willing to bring law and order into their country, they can do it in the shortest time possible. Many in Somalia depend on them for support and if they lace the support with conditions and they also do their part, sanity would prevail. Now, they will continue lynching those who tell them the truth and Kenyans must not keep quiet as criminal elements threaten our survival. Just like Mungiki, the Islamic militants will mostly injure muslims more. The moment they cross over and try to injure other communities, there will be a strong reaction. All Somalis must condemn Islamic militants and all Muslims must also join in reinforcing the condemnation.


Written by Robert

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @RobertAlai or Facebook page (

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  1. A lot of the info you have is from western media/relief organisations. Could very well be the same propaganda methods used in Libya. The war on Somalia started before Kenya got “involved” (because of direct attack, or whatever). So why is there instability, because “the west” keep it that way so they can dump their toxic wastes there, as well as train their Al Quaeda militants…

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