Google+ will soon support pseudonyms and Google apps among other forms of identity, says a Google executive.

The revelations were made at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco by Google’s  SVP of Social Vic Gundotra. This means that Google+ will eventually support assumed identities. Google will still only allow users to sign up if they use their real names but it will be adding features that will “support other forms of identity” in the next few months.

Google has previously stood its ground on the use of real names in the network but with demand for anonymity in some cases, Google seems to be budging to criticism and allowing the use of pseudonyms. Google recently ignited a controversy with its insistance over the use of real names.

Meanwhile, Google apps support will be announced “in the next few days” according to Sergey Brin and Vic Gundotra. The said that Google Apps support was coming “imminently” at the Web 2.0 Summit. Gundotra made it clear that “imminently” meaning that within the next few days, we might see the support for Google apps.

Google didn’t launch Google Apps support previously because the company thought “it would have more time.” Vic said that the adoption of Google+ has beat expectations hence the delay.