Samsung is really trying to spoil the Apple party. After being blocked from selling the Galaxy SII phone in many countries by Apple, the mobile phone manufacturer is now raiding iPhone 4S queue in Sydney and offering the first 10 a new Galaxy S2 phone for just $2. This might be good for the iPhone enthusiasts because they can buy the $2 phones and sell them at a profit to later acquire the iPhone 4S.

Samsung recently postponed launching their new Android based device as a honour to Steve Jobs who passed away the same week. The company rented a store this week just two doors from the Sydney Apple store to promote the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone and Music Hub.

Samsung has also filed suits in Italy and France to block iPhone 4S sales.

Samsung started offering the $2 Galaxy S2 on Monday 10th October while iPhone 4S was expected to debut in Sydney on Friday 14th October.

This is not the first time guerilla marketing tactics have been employed in smartphone marketing. Nokia raided an HTC launch event and even handed out HTC press conference “survival kits” to journalists.

Via: SMH