Listed giant mobile service operator, Safaricom, has confirmed that the BlackBerry data outage which affected millions of users across the world has been resolved and services restored.

On behalf of RIM, which I must say I was surprised does not talk about the outage in emerging markets, Safaricom has apologized to its BlackBerry users who were affected by the outage that lasted for more than 72 hours. During the outage, Blackberry users experienced difficulties accessing their e-mail accounts, instant messaging and browsing on the internet.

Africa together with Europe, Middle East and Southern Asia were the most affected though some parts of North and South America also experienced outages from late yesterday. And jsut a few minutes ago, RIM CEO Mark Lazaridis has gone on youtube to apologise to the 70 million clients for the outage.

“I apologise for the service outages this week – we’ve let many of you down, but let me assure you that we’re working around the clock to fix this,” said Lazaridis.

Watch the RIM CEO apology below

Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturers of BlackBerry, said the outage was caused by a switching failure within its infrastructure causing a huge backlog of data.

“We recognize the inconvenience the BlackBerry data outage caused to our subscribers for the last couple of days. We are glad that RIM engineers have managed to fix the problem and services are back to normal. We shall continue monitoring the service,” said Safaricom Corporate Affairs Director Nzioka Waita.

There are over 70 million BlackBerry users across over 500 networks spread in 91 countries across the world. Safaricom has over 13,000 BlackBerry customers on its network.