In its quest to conquer the Kenya data market, Telkom Kenya has today introduced a new GSM product which will enable customers set up Wi-Fi or wired connections within their homes and offices, without the use of a fixed line.

The device called Orange Flybox is targeted at households, small and home-based offices, and premium customers. The Flybox can handle up to 10 computers which will access the internet concurrently through the newly launched Orange 3G network. Orange already has a D-Link router in the market which performs almost the same function. The difference is that the D-Link router needs a dongle to be plugged on it and supports both CDMA and GSM networks.

Telkom Kenya CEO Mikhael Ghossein explained; “The Flybox will offer customers an unmatched combination of value for money and convenience, through an internet access solution that enables customers to share one connection without necessarily having to use cables”.

The Flybox is fitted with an Orange 3G SIM card and optional Ethernet cables that can be used to connect to computers that are not Wi-Fi enabled. Users with Wi-Fi capable laptops and tablet computers will however be able to access the internet through wireless connections.

The Flybox is a Huawei B260a router which acts as a gateway.

The portable, plug and play Orange Flybox router allows both pre and post paid customers to access speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps on the internet, and at the same time give them an option of connecting the device to a fixed telephone for their voice needs. When a customer purchases the Flybox, they will also be entitled to a free Orange email address that they can use for their businesses. The address will be hosted by Orange and will come with 2GB capacity for email storage.

The Flybox has Parental Control feature for safe browsing at home.

The Flybox is available at all Orange shops as well as dealer outlets, in packages retailing from Shs. 7, 599 to Shs. 20,599, based on the equipment and data bundles that the customers choose.

Meanwhile, Orange has introduced postpaid offers for its new 3G services launched last month. The bundled offers will see customers pay between Shs. 750 and Shs. 7,999 every month to access internet services.

For more about the Flybox, check this link