Garage48 has been running for the last two days which are almost coming to an end. In Nairobi, 10 startups have impressed and we are just waiting for the final announcements at 5pm today. Garage48 is a marathon 2 days forum where between 30 and 40 startups are chosen to pitch their ideas and improve them. The idea started in Estonia and has spread all over. Uganda and Ghana startups had their chance recently and this weekend Kenyans are having their chance.

Every team or individual behind an idea is given a chance to put the idea on a wall and then the audience physically or virtually present choose their best idea. Garage48 team provide mentors, food and drinks over the incubation weekend. According to the organisers, the goals of garage48 are;

  • Organize practical, international and fun startup events with a really lean budget
  • Show that teams can turn an idea into a working service or prototype within just one weekend
  • Prove that new web and mobile projects can be started with a good team and really lean budget
  • Promote entrepreneurship and startup culture in Estonia, Northern Europe and Africa
  • Teach people to work under a tough deadline – you need to focus on the core items of the project
  • Get to know new people from other industries, roles and countries
  • Less talk, more action and fun!

The event is being held at iLab Africa facility at Starthmore University. You can read more about the ideas being pitched from here. Follow the live announcement of winning ideas from this link.

IMG: Garage48