Nokia launched the much hyped N9 smartphone in Cape Town, South Africa, on Thursday evening. The phone has features which makes analysts ask why Nokia had to enter into the marriage with MS which has not borne any worthwhile product. On the flip-side, the phone has drawbacks and makes N8 still look much better and mature in features.

The N8 and N9 does not have much difference in weight despite N8 looking more chubby and measuring 113.5 x 59.1 x 12.9 mm while the N9 measures 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm. Both phones weighs 135 grams. The screen are both AMOLED Capacitive touch screen with 16 M colours with the N9 having a 3.9 inch display and the N8’s display at 3.5 inches. The big difference on screen is that the N9 has a an anti glare while the N8 does not have one. The N9 screen is scratch resistant employing Gorilla Glass technology.

The other difference is on the memory with the N9 touting 16 or 64GB storage and 1GB RAM while the N9 boasts of 16GB storage, 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM. The N8 wins on this segment because it has a card slot while the N9 does not have a card slot so upgrade is limited on N9 to buying a new phone. The N9 Bluetooth is v2.1 which can only manage data rates of 3Mbit/s and 2.1Mbit/s application through put while the N8 has a v3.0 Bluetooth which can manage 24Mbit/s data rates.

The N9 has a 8MP camera with 3264×2448 pixels and Dual LED while the N8 boasts of 12MP camera with 4000×3000 pixels and Xenon Flash. The LED Flash might improve the photography but the 12MP camera on N8 is still much admirable considering that also the other features like auto-focus and face detection are present on both.

The N9 runs on a Meego v1.2 Harmattan while the N8 supports Symbian^3 OS, upgradable to Symbian Anna OS. My Symbian Anna makes my N8 have an N9 feel. The N9 comes with a 1GHz Cortex A8 while the N8 sticks with the 680 MHz ARM 11 processor. On the processor, N9 wins but without much you can do with it considering the compatibility issues on Meego, the Processor does not do much.

The N9 does not have an HDMI output port nor does it come with a stereo radio like the N8. To have radio on N9, you will have to install the radio apps available on Nokia Store (former Ovi store) which means extra data costs.

So for Nokia to compare the phone to an iPhone is going too far considering that the phone also has many features which N8 beats it on hands down. The N9 beats the iPhone on many features but the biggest strength of the iPhone is on the apps and how they pan out on the device. As long as Nokia and other contenders to the best smartphone throne have not built a better app store, iPhone will still lead on this front.

Similar Features of Nokia N9 and iPhone 4

  • Both Smartphones have 1GHz processor
  • Both Smartphones have weight around 135 gram
  • Both Smartphones do not have external memory slot
  • Both Smartphones have HSUPA up to 5.7mbps
  • Both Smartphones have equally powerful WiFi with WiFi hotspot
  • Have Bluetooth v2.1
  • Camera have auto focus touch focus,geo tagging
  • Record videos at 720p and 30 fps
  • A-GPS support

Nokia N9 Features better than iPhone 4

  • N9 is a MeeGo 1.2 based Smartphone while iPhone 4 is a iOS 4 based Smartphone
  • N9 has larger screen ( 3.9>3.6)
  • N9 has Anti-glare polariser feature in screen
  • N9 has Dolby Mobile sound enhancement and Dolby Headphone support
  • N9 has internal memory up to 64GB while iPhone 4 has internal memory up to 32GB
  • N9 has RAM memory 1GB while iPhone 4 has 512mb
  • N9 has class 33 EDGE/GPRS while iphone 4 has class 10
  • N9 has 8MP camera while iPhone 4 has 5 MP camera
  • N9 has HSDPA up to 14mbps while iPhone has HSDPA up to 7mbps
  • N9 supports Java while iPhone does not
  • N9 can also boot Android OS
  • N9 has better battery standby time
  • N9 is in 3 color models (Black, Cyan, Magenta) while iPhone 4 is available in black / white colors

iPhone 4 Features better than Nokia N9

  • iPhone 4 has better screen resolution ( 640 x 960 pixels > 480 x 854 pixels)
  • iPhone has better battery talktime in 3G network mode

What do you think about Nokia N9?


Photos: GSMArena

  • 00100

    What a specs whore. According to bloggers who have ACTUALLY USED the device, the N9 is a very solid device. Meego is a lightweight Os compared to Symbian and will run pretty well on specs that would otherwise cause a lag in Symbian although I wouldn’t expect you to know that. 

  • The writer is clearly uninformed or paid.

  • Rinslowe

    I own both n9 & n8 so I believe the following is an educated unbiased opinion, as much as an opinion can be unbiased!
    Further more my wife owns an Iphone 4, which I have used on occassion.
    So lets just get to it then.

    Ok so the above comparison is only partly acceptable really! Firstly yes the spec difference is mostly right, but we all now individual specs don’t paint the whole picture does it! Or does it? I don’t think so.
    After using the n8 day in day out for five and a half months I can say without doubt the N9 is hands down the better phone with better specs overall than N8.
    The N8 is by no means a bad phone, quite the opposite, it’s just that in terms of usability and functionality the N9 is more worthy of the term “smartphone” than it’s little brother…
    Meego is quite simply stunning, while Symbian has failed to really keep up quite honestly…
    Web surfing, emailing, messaging, social networking and gaming are all a much slicker and smoother experience on N9 than N8 thanks to N9’s specs and UI.
    N8’s camera is the best in the world right now on any mobile device.

    Nokia N 8 however does not even come close to challenging the iphone and I doubt it was ever designed to do so.
    The N9 on the other hand does exactly that, even to the point where N9 or Iphone, which is better is simply a matter of personal oppinion.

    Personally the N9 ticks more boxes for me than Iphone…