At long last, Samsung launched the much hyped Galaxy S2 smartphone in Nairobi. The phone has great features but the pricing really scares even the high-end market it seeks to tap on to. Most users we talked to believe that there should have been operator subsidy or introduction of contract plans.

Samsung is planning to sell just around 10,000 units in Kenya according to Robert Ngeru, Samsung East Africa Business Leader. The pricing is not realistic considering that with the material the phone is made of, it wont last that long for a resell since with the many launches, you will definitely get tired of this handset.

Also at over Ksh 60,000 and running no premium OS, it just does not make sense. iPhones can be expensive because the platform is so unique. But for the Android Os bases devices, Samsung will face stiff competition from Motorolla, HTC and LG when they launch in the market.

So my judgement is that this is a great phone but it is pricey even for the target market.