He has been one of the most outspoken bloggers ever. Some of my readers have compared me to Mike which I am not. I loved the guts of Arrington and he seemed to have rubbed his AOL bosses the wrong way and at times controlling his guts seemed to be a tall order for even Tim Armstrong, AOL CEO.

According to BusinessInsider, yesterday AOL leaders like Arianna and Tim were saying that Arrington was not heading TechCrunch anymore but would continue to write. BI is reporting today that Arianna Huffington has confirmed that AOL employs Mike Arrington no more. He is said to be in a “business relationship” with AOL ventures which is the venture capital arm of AOL.

Business Insider write;

Mr. Arrington is not being paid by TechCrunch, he does not report to TechCrunch editors, and he does not report to Arianna Huffington or other AOL Huffington Post Media Group personnel, Ms. Huffington adds in an email to Business Insider.

The statement was received first by Business Insider through an email sent by AOL spokesperson, Mario Ruiz, and corroborated later by Arianna Huffington. Arrington’s role remains sketchy and it was not clear if he will continue to be blogging for TechCrunch and the fate of his $10 Million 2 year pay-out deal is not clear.

All-in-all it looks like Arianna Huffington solely ousted Mike Arrington from AOL.