Orange called a Press Conference for today morning saying that it was to lay out their business strategy and was to be headlined by Eddy Njoroge the chairman. So I thought that it was going to be the usual mumbo jumbo and decided to stay at home. 6am and I got to receive an SMS from someone that it was actually going to be a 3G launch.

First getting info about the launch was very hard. No one was tweeting nor keeping the social media crowd abreast with what was happening. I was going to meet some business partners at Sarit Centre and so I decided to get to test what Orange Kenya was offering. It is PATHETIC!! Haki ya Mungu. 

First the test could not even realise 128/256 Mbps. The network was on EDGE most of the time and when I did post the results on Twitter, everyone else claimed that they were getting the EDGE and not 3G. Orange announced that they launched a 21Mbps 3G network in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

What I found was that Orange also “launched some HD Voice devices.” I think that they were just copy pasting what Orange Uganda launched. A senior technical guy are Orange Kenya says that the operator is not ready to launch 3G and what it has is just a test network which is hardly available even in most parts of Nairobi.

Now these empty talks will not help the case of Orange Kenya because the 3G consumer is one smart consumer. You will not play with their mentality and they are just not your ordinary data consumer. We are waiting for real 3G from Orange. Please send us something which we can test and find working. I am in Buru Buru with an Android tablet and the network is still EDGE this evening.

Orange Kenya Press release

Orange has announced that it is firmly on course to take the pole position in the data market, with the launch of its new 21Mbps network.

Telkom Kenya CEO Mickael Ghossein said the new best-in-class network, with speeds of up to 21Mbps, will make it possible for mobile and computer-based users to derive maximum data value from Orange.

Ghossein said, “In line with our strategy, I can confirm that indeed a new internet era begins today –  that will be characterized by Orange steadily taking the lead in offering innovative products and services, providing simplicity through our customer experience while maintaining our value proposition to the customer.”

For the discerning mobile user, Orange unveiled another first for Kenya by introducing a range of HD Voice devices that would be readily available in all its stores countrywide. HD Voice capability enables customers to experience high definition voice calls on Orange.

As the true integrated operator, Orange has also unveiled a range of high speed internet devices for use across all consumer segments and announced a new data tariff structure that will see customers browse the net for as low as 0.40 cts per MB. In line with its simplicity proposition, the CEO also confirmed that these rates would be applicable across all its internet platforms.

Another first for the market was the launch of a 3G shared broadband WiFi router – Business Broadband which enables 6-10 users to connect to the internet at the same time, via the plug and play device.

Customers will also have the ability to manage and control internet abuse through the newly launched parental control software that can be downloaded free of charge from the Orange portal.

Orange, which currently has the highest number of wireless broadband subscribers, unveiled its 21 MB Internet Everywhere modem that would be retailing for Kshs 6,999/- at all Orange and partner shops countrywide. With the new speeds, Orange has positioned itself as the premium and reliable data services provider that will at the fore front in providing e-solutions

Ghossein said they will be using multiple pole technology on the service which separates voice and data channels, ensuring that the quality of data is not compromised when there are many subscribers using voice services.

The 21Mbps network service will initially be offered in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu with plans to open up services in other regions in the coming months, as demand for data related services continues to rise.

“Recent statistics by the CCK showed that the number of data users in Kenya rose from 3.2 million to 4.7 million in the last quarter, which translates to a 46.3% leap. With the launch of our unparalleled 3G network, we are confident that the number will spike further”, added Ghossein.

Meanwhile, Ghossein has challenged software developers to come up with applications to take advantage of the increased data capacity offered through the new 3G services.


  • Angela

    Hello Robert, whereas the tone of your post is rather unfortunate i will dwell on clarifying the queries that we pick from the same. Indeed having been a key blogger we invited you to attend this event andi guess the fact that you were not able to make it perhaps you missed the thrust of what the event was about. in summary, today we officially opened the network and in the same breadth we shared with estemeed members of the 4th estate the new innovations , offers and customer benefit that are now available to our customers. i would be happy to take you through any specific concerns you may have with our messages of the day. Please do get in touch with me to address the specific concern you encountered in Sarit as its not very explicit from your message. Angela Ng’ang’a – Mumo/Orange

    • Jaffarmoha26

      “Today we officially opened the network”, you sound like you were launching some political party. The average data consumer in Kenya is not a guy you take round in circles. Talk of 3G launch when you are ready or shut up and continue fooling some people with 3G+!

    • Robert Giteya

      Quite frankly i am dissapointed with this Orange “21mbps” modem. I in buru buru and in addtion to the network being on EDGE (when it is even there in the first place) it will not even load a single page when it manages somehow to connect. Orange needs to stop playing games.

  • Hey I agree with you on the issue of lack of enough information about the service, I did make a request to blog about this as soon as I saw the update on both twitter and Facebook only to receive not even half response the following day. This was after I had taken my time to go to there shop where I found someone who seemed not to know what they were talking about. I am waiting see how it will behave as soon as a majority of the people jump on it. Its a good product fairly priced and the offer price is very very good. 

  • 992

    Maybe you was not in a covered area

  • Njenga francis

    I purchased the modem from some promoters who lied to me that there was a one week unlimited internet offer. After asking for directions on how to activate it, I was told to load credit and purchase a bundle. I connected my modem instantly ready to surf, but as soon as I opened a streaming video I got disconnected. I run to the guys who sold me the modem( bettima enterprises) and they assure me that it is a system issue. I call up customer care to inquire on the matter, and I get shocked to be informed that no such offer exists and the 21mbps internet does not currently support unlimited internet. what the hell orange?

  • Seth Muriithi

    Oh boy, a marketing sheep stumbled into the den of tech savvy wolves. Dear Orange, technology is scientific thus factual, thus beyond the usual antics you learn in your sales and marketing wankshops. Do you have a 3G network? Yes or NO halafu tuzidi.

  • Anonymous

    Funny that I haven’t come across a review that talks about the service itself. So, have ANYONE tried this network and tested its speeds? Could that person give us the feedback or the service? Thanks

  • Im actually enjoying orange 3G in Malindi. The speeds are like crazy!! who said that the 3G Network in non-existent?

  • The Best Life Quotes

    this is a great deal. kenya we are now moving places….. hope the prics will come down within no time.

  • Guest

    Orange does have 3G in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa and Malindi. I have tried it in Nairobi and the speeds put its competitors to shame. Its insanely fast!!! In addition its bundles are very affordable. I got speeds of no less than 3 mbps (3,072 kbps) and this was in the Nairobi CBD.

  • Georgegop

    My fears are being confirmed when i bought the 3g 21mbps modem. I however was not impressed by the speeds and wondering if others in Nairobi West where i live have experienced similar problems.

  • orange modem user

    Orange is quite fast……..i’ve been using it and below are some of the speed tests i did from the site called speed test…….It’s just a general guide though,so some people may have experienced faster speeds i guess.Adios

  • Dada, I still cannot get any place with 3G speeds of more than 512 Kbps