Some have started thinking of the many domains they might just be interested in buying. Some are funny others are really controversial, like buying You know the Nazi memories will come back and haunt anyone in Germany with such a domain. But the great news is that ISO has agreed to award Sudan ccTLD dot-SS.

That means that you will soon see, or just get domains like, or any other you can think of. Though the announcement is yet to be made officially, already there entry has been approved and is even appearing on the ISO newsletter advising of the same.

Southern Sudan was assigned .SS as the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code so it made it easier for the country to apply for IANA to award the country the dot-SS as the ccTLD.

Before it was assigned the ISO 3166-1 South Sudan had to be admitted to the UN whereby the Editorial, Terminology and Reference Service of the United Nations Documentation Division entered the new state in “Country Names”—a pamphlet that lists in six languages the popular and formal names of full UN member nations. ISO then converted the name South Sudan into the the scary two letter SS as its ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 code country code.

I want my first domain and maybe Shem Ochuodho might just help us on this. Which domains would you like to buy? Kindly leave your comments below