If you can rate your restaurant meal, your make-up, your teacher online then why not be able to rate your priest? Well, a German tech innovator has created a web app for just that function.

Hirtenbarometer  or the “shepherds’ barometer” gives users a chance to rate their priests’ performance at church services, on projects for youths and the elderly, on their credibility and on current they are. Andreas Hahn, one of the founders, says “Pastoral work should be qualitative,” and dialogue should be encouraged “to stimulate dialogue to improve pastoral work”.

Andreas also believe that  “many parishes work well, but their performance doesn’t become public.” We have had priests accused of embezzling funds, raping minors, sodomising boys (young and old) and even killings or fanning tribal hatred. I would love to see such an application in the country.

The founders hope to have the site as kind of an alert mechanism and to rate the priests. Already some 25 000 parishes and 8 000 priests have registered with more than 500,000 visits according to a BBC report.

Do you just like this idea?