MTN Business promises that in every 3 months, they would be unveiling a new product in the country. So to this end, it unveiled the seamlessly digitized telephony solution dubbed MTN Managed IP PBX service. The solution streamlines the management and operations of telephony in a business environment. MTN Managed IP PBX combines telephony and even integrates the voice over IP telephony in a business environment.

Through the service provided by Telesec consolidates business’ voice and data onto a single Local Area Network, eliminating the cost of redundant networks and those associated with administrative moves, adds, and changes. MTN promises that businesses also enjoy significant savings with low start-up costs, leasing options for virtually no upfront capital expenses, and reduced IT costs because the management of your entire solution is outsourced.

MTN will handle the design, installation, management and 24/7/365 monitoring of the system, so you can focus more time and resources on your core business. Calls to mobile networks will be charged at Ksh 4.00 per minute and and it will be billed per second. Calls through VOIP would be charged at $0.03 also billed per second.

The service is not new since it was launched in South Africa in 2009 and many more superior technologies have been developed after that. The launched IP PBX system has been in the international market for more than 10 years now and so there is nothing new to it much. Key additions might be the parallel ringing which now even integrates even tablets and smartphones.

Other features on the MTN Managed IP PBX include real-time management as it gives businesses the ability to manage users easily, monitor and manage services via a user-friendly online portal:

“With the shift to Internet Protocol-driven networks, the possibility of replacing outdated communication technologies with software-driven solutions has become a distinct reality. Nowhere is this potential better realised than with the PBX. The centre of telephony for many companies, the PBX – or Private Branch Exchange – is traditionally a hardware device which manages the internal communications of a private organisation. As voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) matures, the hardware PBX has become increasingly irrelevant. All of its functions can be replaced by software, while a range of additional functionality can be introduced, “said Tom Omariba, MD of MTN Businessin Kenya.

And with the advanced applications feature, it allows an increasing number of applications to integrate into the solution, enabling collaboration:

Corrington Business System, Alcatel and other providers have the system already in the market and so nothing new much here.

Check more about the system in the video;

The MTN Business IP PBX is marketed as MTN uniPresence in South Africa. For technology to grow in Kenya, it is better to have more modern technologies.